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Tips for buying trailers

Tips for buying trailers

So you are looking for a new box trailer? We here at Oz Wide have put together an article outlining the what to look for when purchasing your first trailer. Box trailers are versatile and can be used for a variety of jobs. Whether buying for the business, or for home, here are a couple of universal tips for selecting the perfect box trailer. 

New Vs Used

The biggest thing to consider when buying a box trailer is how much will it cost you. It is important when deciding, to factor in both the long and short-term costs associated with buying a trailer. Of course, if you buy second hand you are going to pay less upfront. This can be counter weighted in most cases by the longevity of your trailer. It is most likely the case that a second-hand trailer has endured a tough life. As such the trailer’s longevity is going to suffer, in comparison to a new trailer. It is also hard when buying second hand to understand the origin of the trailer and how it has been used. Unless the owner can show the trailers history of maintenance you are not going to know what work has been done on it. This can lead to trailers lacking in quality and failing when you need them most.

At Oz Wide our Australian designed box trailers are built with Australian conditions in mind. Made from the highest quality materials and engineered to cater for harsh Australian conditions. It may look like a quick bargain to buy second-hand but in most cases, it is simply a gamble. If you are looking to invest in a trailer for the long run and want continued use its best to pay for quality. Buying brand new in most cases will be less costly in the long run.

Paint vs Galvanised

We strongly believe galvanised is the better option. Painted trailers may offer an aesthetic that is desirable, but this comes at the cost of functionality. You are going to be using your trailer for gruelling tasks, whether that’s transporting building materials or hauling rubbish to the dump. It is inevitable that the task you put your trailer to will cause wear and tear. For paint this will causes scratches and lead to the bare metal being exposed underneath. Unlike galvanised metal this bare metal will be susceptible to rust. The rust leads to deterioration effecting the functionality of your trailer.

Galvanised steel is coated with a layer of zinc, which protects the structure from rusting. It is a superior coating to paint, designed specifically for rough treatment. At Oz Wide all of our trailers are built with galvanised metal, because we know we can stand behind it with full confidence. It will continue to perform in harsh Australian conditions long after purchase.

Understand your needs

When investing in a trailer it is important to nail down exactly what your needs are. An obvious place to start is with sizing. Are you continuously hauling large loads for work? maybe you need something lighter to help with moving and storage? Understanding your load helps to decipher what trailer you will need. Do you need a box trailer with a cover? Or do you need a cage to help hold your cargo? Maybe you have very specific needs? At Oz Wide we have a variety of sizes and additional accessories for your trailer. We also offer specialty trailers whether you are a bike enthusiast and need a mode of transport, or a busy tradie needing some extra storage for gear, we have all your trailer needs covered. Check out our full range online to see how we can help get you on the road.


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Tips for buying trailers

Tips for buying trailers