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The Leading Manufacturer of Tandem Trailers in Brisbane and Gold Coast

If you require stability and exceptional workmanship, look no further than the range of tandem trailers for sale from Oz Wide. We are committed to quality, ensuring everything we sell is designed to the highest safety standards and built for durability with exceptional workmanship and materials.


What is a tandem trailer and what are the advantages?

A tandem trailer has two axles, instead of the standard single one. They are able to carry more weight, as well as travel longer distances when fully-laden. The twin axle design makes them more stable and easier to control, eliminating the bouncing that can occur with a single axle trailer. However, they are also heavier, which makes them less fuel-efficient and harder on the vehicle.


Tandem Trailers for sale from Brisbane and the Gold Coast to all over Australia

We have loyal customers around Australia, returning to us time and time again due to the high quality of our tandem trailers and the affordability of our prices. Whether in the local area or as far-flung as Perth, we can get our trailers to your location quickly and securely. We deliver throughout Australia, ensuring the whole country can enjoy the best products, backed by our dedication to customer service and satisfaction.


We also stock a range of Specialty Trailers

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Single Axle Trailers

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Oz Wide Trailers offer a 12 Month Limited Warranty on all products sold


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