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Frequently Asked Questions About Galvanised Trailers

We get tons of comments from customers about galvanised trailers and the process that is involved in creating them. We put together this little article to go over some frequently asked questions about our galvanised trailers. If you are in the market for a brand new trailer look no further than Oz Wide Trailers. We manufacture tip top quality galvanised trailers that will keep satisfied for years to come.


Do Galvanised Trailers Crack?


All trailers after some time will develop wear and tear and may eventually crack if put under enough stress. If the trailer is made incorrectly or from dodgy materials this timeframe is likely to shorten. Another reason for cracking trailers is simply mistreatment, by overloading trailers and using them recklessly you risk cracking. At Oz Wide Trailers we use quality materials and have a fully welded design that lives up to anything you can throw at it. By only using the best materials and the best design and manufacturing procedures we ensure that our trailers, when used correctly, will be an investment that lasts well into the future.


Will Galvanised Outlast My Old Steel Trailer?


When you galvanise a metal you prevent it from developing rust. Although a well looked after steel trailer may last for an extended period, it will eventually give in to rust. A galvanised trailer will always have a longer lifetime than a non-galvanised trailer. The galvanised trailer has a very high resistance to corrosion. Long story short, yes your new galvanised trailer will outlive your old steel one.


Is Galvanised Steel as Strong as Regular Strong?


Galvanised steel has the same structural integrity as regular steel. This is the main reason steel is used to manufacture products such as trailers. Steel provides great strength for its price. For this reason steel is the predominant material for many building purposes. Galvanised steel is no different, the process of galvanisation does not affect the structural integrity of the steel. Galvanisation simply provides an extra protective coating over the top.


Will A Galvanised Trailer Last In Coastal Areas?


Galvanised trailers tend to last great in coastal areas. A large amount of our customers live on the Gold Coast and we constantly get customers from all across the country that are in coastal areas. Galvanised trailers when looked after can have extended lifetimes in coastal areas when compared to other trailers. If you are looking for a trailer and you live on the coast, a galvanised trailer should be at the top of your list.


What Does Galvanised Mean?


Galvanised trailers are trailers that have been dipped in a hot bath of molten zinc. By dipping the metal in the molten zinc a chemical reaction takes place that leaves a coating on the trailer that means it will stand up to environmental conditions better and will not rust. It is simply a way of adding a coating around the base material of the trailer that will increase the


Do I Have to Do Anything Special to Maintain My Galvanised Trailer?


Like any other trailer it will last longer if you take better care of it. There is nothing special or fancy that has to be done to maintain a galvanised trailer. Simply keep it clean and give it a wash from time to time. When Washing your trailer just use simple diluted detergent solution and freshwater. Make sure to rinse all debris loose and then let it dry before storing. You should also store your trailer out of weather wherever possible. Other than these easy and universal tips you don’t need to do anything fancy to maintain your galvanised trailer.

These are just some of the more common questions that we get in regard to our galvanised trailers. If you need any help in picking a trailer or simply want to know more about the galvanising process or our trailers, make sure to get in touch with our team at Oz Wide Trailers.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Galvanised Trailers

Frequently Asked Questions About Galvanised Trailers