Oz Wide Trailers

Frequently asked questions

GTM stands for Gross Trailer Mass, this is the total weight the trailer is rated to including the weight of the trailer itself.

A longer drawbar generally makes backing your trailer easier, it also allows for extra room to mount a toolbox, compressor, mower box etc to be mounted on the drawbar

We offer both round and flat plug option

They are a Ford stud pattern (5 x 114.3mm)

Yes we are authorised to do Qld registrations on site.

Hot-Dip Galvanising is designed to protect your trailer from rust and increase the life expectancy for up to 20 years in coastal areas.

We do not do one-off custom trailers. If you have a fleet and are looking to get 10 or more of a custom design we would be more than happy to discuss this with you.

Trailers without a brake can only be rated to 750kg GVM, anything above this must have a brake.

Yes all prices advertised are inclusive of GST

We offer a 12 Month warranty on all products against manufacturer defects.