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Difference Between Single and Double Axle Trailers

For newcomers to trailers it can be hard to know the difference between various models of trailer. If you don’t know the difference between trailers available you won’t be able to make an informed choice about which trailer is best for you.


The Difference


First things first, what is the difference. It is pretty simple, single axle trailers have one axle and double axle trailers have two axles. This means that a single axle trailer has one set of wheels. A double axle trailer has two sets of wheels. There are other popular names for double axle trailers including tandem trailer. Apart from this obvious distinction there are more reasons that you may want a single axle trailer or a double axle trailer given your own needs. Lets breakdown some of these differences so you can get the best trailer for your job.


Single Axle Trailer Pros and Cons


Single axle trailers are by far the most popular of the two options. There are a variety of different reasons why they are universally more popular. Firstly they are going to come at a lower cost, due to the smaller size and less complicated construction they can be a lot less expensive than double axle trailers. Only two wheels, tyres and sets of bearings, means less parts that can potentially be damaged. This means maintenance costs will also be lower in the long run. Another cost factor is that the smaller size makes single axle trailers more economical to tow. In all single axle trailers are going to be cheaper overall than double axle trailers.


Another benefit of single axle trailers is that they are easier to tow and will be easier to manoeuvre. This means for easy odd jobs and so on it can be easier to get around in areas that are more constricted.


Now we have gone over the bigger benefits of single axle trailers what are the cons? Due to their smaller size you are not going to be able to tow as much cargo with a single axle trailer. Tyres on single axle trailers do have a tendency to wear out more quickly than double axle trailers. This is due to the fact that you only have two tyres to spread the weight across rather than two.  


Double Axle Trailer Pros and Cons


A double axle trailer has plenty of benefits of its own. The big one of course is size. Generally double axle trailers will be larger and be able to accommodate larger loads than a single axle trailer.


A double axle trailer will be more sturdy on the road and while you are loading. Given it has more stability it can be easier to load and unload safely. This is especially true when hauling bigger loads and when you have less hands to help. On the road a double axle trailer is also going to be more stable. Due to this you are less likely to develop trailer sway and the trailer is less likely to slide on loose surfaces. Double axle trailers will also move less on corrugated roads. If stability and sturdiness are going to be important to you, the double axle trailer will be a better choice. Another little bonus is that when you get a flat tyre is will be a lot easier to change.


The two biggest negatives for getting a double axle trailer is the cost and the size. Due to the bigger size and more complicated construction double axle trailers are going to come a premium. The upfront cost of a double axle trailer can be worth it as they are more reliable and will most likely last longer into the future. The size of double axle trailer can be a blessing and a curse. It is great when you want to move those larger loads. It is not great when you need to work in confined spaces and manoeuvre around smaller roads and driveways.


The Final Word


When it comes to both single axle and double axle trailers there are pros and cons. It will all come down to what your own towing is going to look like. If you just need something to take the odd load to the tip or help move some furniture every now and then, then a single axle trailer will be fine for those needs. If you need something bigger that is going to be able to take bigger loads, then the double axle trailer might be what you need.


No matter if you need a single axle or double axle trailer, we have the trailer for you at Oz Wide Trailers. Make sure to get in touch with our team online or in store, so that we can get you on the road towing.



Difference Between Single and Double Axle Trailers

Difference Between Single and Double Axle Trailers